6 ways SME can build their brands digitally in COVID 19

The world is facing a serious pandemic that started a few months back. That didn’t just put people’s lives under a turmoil but also was a topsy-turvy for the businesses. It was a big hit to the economy, from grocery stores to restaurants all being shut.

“The time is unfavorable, we can make it through by selflessly helping each other grow,” said Olio’s Founder, Mr. Amol Salke.

The way businesses work has changed drastically and digital marketing would play an important role to boost the business. There are great opportunities for small businesses too when it comes to building your brand digitally and revising your marketing activities.

Have a look at how SMEs can build their brands digitally-

1.Connect with your customers

Take your brand on social media and connect with your customers in real time. Let them know you are there, to serve them better. If you tried yourself and if it didn’t work well, then you didn’t do it right.

Social Media Marketing is not only about creating a profile or a business page, it’s about conscious and continuous efforts that are required in it. Your brand would be interacting with your audience and would be in touch on a daily basis.

2.Build your digital presence

It’s important for businesses to build their digital presence as amidst this pandemic, people have been more on their phones than ever. Consequently it becomes definite for small businesses to set up their own website and get their products and services online.

The customers today want to make more informed purchasing decisions of what they buy and from whom they buy. It enables your customers to find your company and learn about your business and what it offers at anytime and anyplace, thereby increasing the credibility of your brand.

3.Get Found

Your business cannot be underground. Your business would encounter the competition online, on that account it’s important for you to stay ahead of your competition while your customer searches for the services you offer. You should be using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to climb to the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) so your business can be easily found.

4.Reach your customers with PPC Ads

With more people online, it’s an opportunity for businesses to run Pay-Per-Click Ads. It’s the right time to use PPC marketing and gain competitive advantage. It has proven to be a reliable and profitable channel with intention based traffic and conversions. Businesses can capitalize on PPC ads in integration with other marketing channels right now, it’s a smart move.

5.Capturing with Content Marketing 

In today’s competitive online market, content is the key. A good content not only attracts the customers but also provides visitors with a good user experience. Have valuable content on your website and social media. Build your email marketing and get people to subscribe to it and constantly nurturing them with quality content that amplifies your business and builds the credibility of your brand while keeping in touch with your audiences.

6.Consult the experts

10 ways SME can build their brands digitally in COVID 19

Digital marketing has numerous advantages to it, but when not planned in the right way could be more of a disadvantage. Instead of wasting time, money and efforts by trials and errors, and perhaps loosing your confidence in digital, it is important for you to consult the experts to plan it effectively to see the right results.

Yes, these are challenging times for everyone, but your business can still flourish if you’re willing to try a new approach. There’s no one size that fits all, different businesses have different objectives to achieve and so the strategies for each of them varies. It’s time to have the appropriate strategy that gives the right results. It is really about thinking smarter and doing what’s right for your brand in the long term.

6 ways SME can build their brands digitally in COVID 19

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